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Add value to your home with stylish Franklyn Louvre Aluminium Privacy Screens

Franklyn Louvre Privacy Screens are a modern, seamless design that will add value to your home. Suited to gate features, presentation walls, fencing and privacy screening, they are often used as features or highlights in modern architecture.

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Product Overview

Product Overview: Louvre Aluminium Privacy Screens

Franklyn Privacy Screens will help you feel more comfortable in your home while still being architecturally appealing. You can still enjoy the view without reducing light or air.

See the new look timber finish available now for aluminium privacy screens! Customers often ask us if that is real timber, however it is our popular timber look Aluminium Privacy Screen.

Louvre Aluminium Privacy Screens are designed with 65mm slats.

Franklyn Privacy Screens are a unique alternative to timber, as aluminium is weather resistant and will not splinter, flake, peel, corrode, discolour or warp.

Louvre Privacy Features & Benefits

• With 30° angle of aluminium blades.

• Made of durable, weather-proof aluminium: requires no on-going maintenance saving you time and money.

• Firm locking system: No unsightly welding joins or open channels which can collect dirt and leaf debris.

• Choice of frame: available in full frame or partial frame.

• Slat size: available in 65mm elliptical slats.

*Please note: In some instances, Privacy Screens may need to meet certain local Council specifications. For more information contact your relevant local Council.

See our range of Colours


*Colours are indicative and may appear different on paper, or on screen compared to the actual product.

• Extensive colour range: Choose from our large range of powdercoated colours. Colours include an imitation “wood” effect.


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What Colours Are Available For The Aluminium Louvre Privacy Screens?

Franklyn Privacy Screens are available in a large range of powdercoated colours, including the very popular timber look finish.

How Wide Are The Aluminium Slats?

The aluminium privacy screen feature elliptical slats which are 65mm wide.

What Is The Maximum Arm Length Available In The Aluminium Privacy Screen?

The maximum arm length available is 600mm.

What Is The Spacing Of The Louvre Privacy Screen?

The aluminium louvred privacy screens are only available with a standard fixed spacing.