Crank Operated Blinds

A great summer solution for sun protection


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The Crank Operated Outdoor Blind provides easy operation and weather protection

The Crank Operated Straight Drop blind is ideal for areas that need protection from the sun and wind but where channels or wire guides are not possible or desired.

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Product Overview

Product Overview: Crank Operated Straight Drop Blind

Easily operated using the crank handle and locked in the down position with stainless steel dog clips.

Features & Benefits

• No channels and no wires.

• Easy crank handle operation.

• Crank handle can be located on either the left or the right side of the blind.

• Ability to pre-select fixed locking points at the time of installation in most situations.

** It is strongly recommended outdoor blinds be retracted in high winds and storms.

Optional Extras

• A smart and compact weather box is available for the Crank Operated Blind. Designed to enclose the top roll and provide a sleek and modern look to the blind. This is an optional extra available in 4 standard colours.

• The mounting brackets and bottom rail for the Crank Operated Blind are available in 4 standard colours, however for an additional cost we can powder coat these to the colour of your choice.


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Is The Crank Operated Blind Easy To Use?

Yes, this Crank Operated Outdoor Blind is easily operated with a crank handle.

What Is The Maximum Width Of The Crank Operated Blind?

Franklyn recommend a maximum width of 4.2m.

Does This Outdoor Blind Protect My Home In Storms?

No, Franklyn recommend that all outdoor blinds be retracted during high winds and storms.

Is A Weatherbox Required For This Outdoor Blind?

Franklyn do recommend a weatherbox for the crank operated outdoor blind, however it is not required.