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See our impressive range of Roller Blinds, made right here in our Brisbane factory.

Franklyn Roller Blinds are custom-made to meet your needs and finished with colour coordinated accessories. Choose from our extensive fabric range and create the look you want with a selection of Australian-made fabrics that include plains, jacquards, textures and pattern prints incorporating your choice of stylish trims, cut-outs or ring pulls.

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Product Overview

Product Overview: Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a practical and affordable window covering designed to enhance the mood you have created in your home. With an impressive range of colours and styles to choose from, Roller Blinds can make a bold fashion statement or blend unobtrusively in any room.

Franklyn Roller Blinds can be made using traditional spring operation or modern easy-to-use chain drive mechanism. Or for the ultimate in modern living, Roller Blinds can be linked together or motorised using remote control, switch or timer controls. Combo rollers allow you the luxury of sunscreen by day and privacy by night.

Roller Blinds can be mixed with Roman Blinds and Panel Glide Blinds in the same room.

Roller Blind Features & Benefits

• Blockout, light filter & sunscreen fabric: Set the tone of the room with colour, mood & light control.

• Aluminium roller tube: We use quality roller tube and componentry to provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable roller system.

• Chain operation: For chain operated roller blinds, you have the choice of standard PVC or stainless steel chain. The chain drive gives you the ability to raise and lower your blind with ease and without having to reach over obstacles. It simply makes life easier! The brackets used are colour-matched to the chain giving you a beautifully modern and coordinated look.

• Trim styles: There is a large range of trim styles to choose from including scallops, fringes, braids, cut-outs or a coloured metal rod. Create a traditional or modern style to suit your home.

• Optional Rollette™ valance: Our exclusive Rollette™ valance offers you a streamlined finish for Roller Blinds. Available in a range of five colours – beige, black, clear anodised, white and white birch, the Rollette ™ valance complements any décor.

• Optional cassette headbox: Fitted onto the face or recess of the window. The blind can be obscured right up to the top or adjusted to stop in any position. Use in conjunction with side channels to create light block-out during the day – ideal for darkening media rooms and bedrooms for those that sleep by day.

Motorised Blinds

• Motorised Roller Blinds are available at Franklyn with either Somfy or Acmeda motors.

• Simply control your motorised blind with a remote, your smart phone, or smart watch, or voice control.

• Blinds can be automated to close or open at any time of day even when you’re not at home.


 Durable fabrics: Many of the fabrics we use are manufactured in Australia to suit local conditions. So durable, they’ll look great for many years.


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What Is The Difference Between Reveal And Face Fit?

Reveal fitting a blind means fitting the blind inside the door surround or window. Face fitting a blind means fitting the blind to the “face” either on or above the architrave surrounding the door or window.

How Effective Is A Block-Out Fabric?

On our website, anything that is called “block-out” is 100% block out, this means that no sun will pass through the actual material or fabric. However when fitted there will be light gaps around the entire blind to allow for fixings and operating clearance. If you want the blind to completely block-out all light from your window, then Franklyn offer a roller blind with light blocking channels and cassette. If this is what you wish to achieve then be sure to discuss it further with one of our consultants.

What Is The Difference Between An Ordinary Roll And A Reverse Roll?

A reverse roll Roller blind has the fabric coming off the front of the blind away from the window or door. Ordinary roll is when the fabric rolls off the back of the blind showing the roll at the top. Reverse is the most common type and allows for blinds to be reveal fitted and clear most door or window handles when operating the blind.

Can You Use Roller Blinds Over Sliding Doors?

Roller Blinds on Sliding Doors are becoming more common. It is possible to install them this way, but there are a few things to consider. The blinds often have to fit on the face of the door frame as there may not be enough space in the reveal (recess) due to the large handle or sliding door framework. Most companies do not offer this service, so discuss it with the consultant when onsite. Another thing to consider is where you will have the controls – often on standard sliding door suite set (1 door and 1 fixed panel) you will have two blinds split in the middle. When it is centre opening sliding doors (1 door and 2 fixed panels) you may need to consider motorisation or easylink to avoid the chain hanging in the middle of the opening. Please read these Child Safety Laws