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Curved Track Curtains are a popular choice with modern home interior design, and at Franklyn we custom make to suit your needs.

Curved curtain tracks are often required in both old and new home spaces, such as bay windows or corner glass windows which is becoming more common in modern architectural homes. At Franklyn we custom make ‘curved’ or ‘bent’ curtain tracks with manual or motorised operation right here in our Rochedale factory.

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Product Overview

Product Overview: Curved Track Curtains

Curved track curtains are becoming a popular solution to modern home designs with corner glass windows. Whether it be block out fabrics or stunning sheer curtains, our exclusive ‘Trendz’ fabric range has all the latest colours and textures to choose from.

Franklyn curved or bent track curtains are available in either ceiling mount or face fit track applications.

Choose from four curtain header styles:- Wave fold, double pleat, triple pleat, box pleat.

Visit a Franklyn showroom near you to see the stunning range of curtain header styles on display, and the exclusive ‘Trendz’ curtain fabric range.

Curved Track Features & Benefits

• Choose from two curtain track styles. A sleek curved design curtain track, best suited for ceiling mounted curtains. For face fit applications both the curved and square curtain track designs are available. Both Franklyn curtain track styles are available when choosing double curtain tracks also.

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• With four curtain header styles to choose from: Wave Fold, Box Pleat, Double Pleat and Triple Pleat.


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What Curtain Header Styles Do Franklyn Have?

We have four popular curtain header styles. The popular Wave Fold, modern contemporary 2 pleat and 3 pleat curtains, and the elegant box pleat curtain style.

Can I Fit Curtains Into Bay Windows?

Yes you can, Franklyn can manufacture curtain tracks for bay windows.

What Fabrics Are Available For Block Out Curtains?

Our Trendz fabric range by Franklyn offers you the choice of simple plain blockouts or our light to medium textured fabrics for that decorative flair on your window.

Can You Combine Sheer Curtains With Blockout Curtains?

Yes, you sure can! Double track curtains with sheer and blockout fabrics look great together. This way you have both light control and privacy.